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water heater water damage

Water Heater Causes Damages

Water heaters often cause water damage to homes in Queens. If this happens, contact our team at SERVPRO of Northern Queens. We have a team of experts who are experience in helping our community after water heater issues. We can remove any standing water, remove odors and restore all damaged parts of the property! 

drywall removed from home

Water Damaged Ceiling

Removing Drywall

It is a necessary precaution to remove water damaged drywall. The moisture in the drywall can attract mold

Our team works quickly to remove damaged drywall and replace it with new drywall. We remediate all water damaged materials to ensure thorough restoration and cleanup

Old water damage in basement

Basement Water Damage

Cleaning Up Water Damage

Oftentimes, basement water damage goes unnoticed. This can lead to hard water damages and other issues. This home had old water damage in the basement that our team had to remediate. We worked quickly to remove signs of water damage and removed the odors. 

Hidden water damage under flooding and drywall

Hidden Water Damages

Trust our team at SERVPRO of Northern Queens to find any hidden water or mold damage during our inspection. 

Hidden water damage can lead to further and more irritating damages if left untouched. It can also lead to mold infestation because of the moisture. Contact our team as soon as you find signs of water damage